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Abbie is our darling Bay Roan with tons of personality.  She was clearly mistreated previous to being rescued, but loves people anyway.  She often follows us around the pasture while on foot or on the ATV.  She's even been known to race the ATV!  She's a real sweetie

and we are thrilled that she's part of our herd.



This beautiful grulla mare came to us in January 2011. She's the leader of the herd and takes her responsibilities seriously.  Stormy is always first to the fence to check out new people and  is ever hopeful of receiving a tasty treat from visitors.



We adopted this mischievous little guy June 2012. He was rescued off a horse slaughter feedlot when he was 8 months old. When he was rescued, his right eye was damaged beyond repair,infected, and painful. It was removed immediately once he was settled in his new home.   Gunner loves people and loves to play.


Yup, this is one BIG boy. We were blessed by our friends who couldn’t move Thunder to Oregon with them, so they entrusted him to us! He truly is a gentle giant until it comes to getting attention. If there are some  hugs and kisses to be had, he will  push the other horses out of the way to take them all

for himself.


Paco was an additional blessing that came with Thunder. He is a neighborhood and visitor favorite. If you’re lucky, you will experience his braying up close and personal. He’s a little shy at first, but warms up quickly with some scratches and snacks.



Honey came to us as a spontaneous purchase from a horse auction. We are so thankful because she is as sweet as her name indicates. She is willing and gentle.  Her coloring and attitude make her the perfect canvas to express yourself in paint.





Banner is very patient with new riders and always loving.  He is very friendly, willing, and has a funny little forelock.






We just love our goats! These two were left behind by their old owner when they moved.  Stillwater Ranch stepped up and adopted these two "kids".  They enjoy following folks around the Ranch giving and getting cuddles.  

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”                  ~Anatole Franc


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