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Our animals are all a gift from God.  They come to us in different ways, needing different things from us, and giving back all they are capable of.  We love them dearly for as long as we are allowed.  Inevitably, there comes the time when we sadly have to say goodbye.  All who come to the Ranch are better for having known each of these special creatures.



Remington was a large Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse cross who came to us through an email call for help.  His owner needed to move down off the mountain and had to find him a home quickly.  We brought Remy to the Ranch where his Mom was able to visit him often.  He was a gentle soul with soft eyes.  He was always over the gate welcoming us with a soft nicker.  We miss him terribly, but we are glad his pain is finally gone.

Levi was a beautiful, smart Quarter Horse who was donated to us by a family who just weren't using him.  He had never been ridden, but was coming along very well in his training.  We only got to love on him for a month, but we still feel the pain of his loss so unexpectedly from colic. 

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