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Stillwater Ranch

Annual Report

2023 Annual Report


These are exciting yet challenging times for Stillwater Ranch.   We’ve been aware for years that our continued growth would eventually lead to our location and facilities no longer being able to accommodate the increasing needs of our Veterans and their loved ones.  That time has come, not only because of the limitations of our current location, but because of county interference caused by our ongoing expansion.  Time is of the essence; to ensure we stay relevant and provide the best resources possible without interruption, acquiring a new property is our top priority in 2024. 


Similar to the last few years, 2023 was another year of growth and impact.  We've been humbled by accounts of lives being changed and even saved because of what happens at Stillwater Ranch.  Our Veterans often express how this place is so special to them, a healing and peaceful place offering something they can’t find elsewhere.  This is truly a life-giving place that our Veterans need and deserve.  The diversity of activities offered here mirrors our commitment to offering multifaceted support that addresses the unique and varied needs of the Veteran/Military community.


Here are a few of the bigger highlights we cherish from last year:


  • Over 400 individuals visited the ranch in 2023 to participate in activities and programming as well as community events.

  • Dozens were positively impacted by our Benevolence Fund assisting with urgent, critical needs such as rent, food, auto repairs, appliance purchase, gas, car registration and insurance.

    • As requests to help with these needs continue to grow, we do our best to keep up with the demand by collaborating with other organizations.

    • We were able to contribute $6,000 toward these specific needs in 2023.

  • We hosted our second week-long retreat for Veterans from around the United States in cooperation with Project Refit. 

    • We look forward to this year’s retreat at the end of June with even more Veterans in attendance.

  • Another outrageously fun and successful Stillwater Derby was held in August where we raised over $61,000.

  • SR hosted Family Fun Day for the Longmont National Guard with 80 in attendance enjoying all that the ranch has to offer.

  • We had the privilege of hosting a Veteran wedding.

  • We hosted 2 corporate events.


 The following is an overview of Stillwater Ranch’s income and expenses for the fiscal year that ended December 31, 2023:



















Cathy Burr, Chair and Secretary

Jason Miller, Treasurer

Amanda Hiller, Secretary

Aaron Nelson, Director

Chris Dosenbach, Director

Aaron Barrett, Director

Wendy Buckley, Ex Officio member and Executive Director


Join us in helping Stillwater Ranch continue to make its mission and vision statements a reality, whether you live close by or far away.


Mission Statement:  We honor Veterans, Servicemembers, and their families by providing resources and activities in a supportive, scenic environment to improve their quality of life.


Vision Statement:  Savings lives, families, and communities one Veteran at a time.



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