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Lucky US!

People tend to talk a lot about luck in this month of St. Patrick's day. We at Stillwater Ranch talk about luck and blessings on a daily basis. We are lucky to hang out with and work with Veterans and their families. We are lucky to be a small part of their stories of growth and healing. We are lucky to interact with a bunch of amazing animals in a ridiculously beautiful ranch environment where every day brings something new.

As the Executive Director, I'm the luckiest of all! One of the most exciting aspects of what I do is the exposure my grandkids have to the people, animals, environment, and activities that make up Stillwater Ranch. They get to meet people from diverse backgrounds who love to tell a tale or two around the campfire. They learn what it means to love and serve this great country of ours. They are taught respect and resilience. They have ranch chores as soon as they can walk and the fresh air and sunshine are so good for the soul.

This is a special place not just for the grandbabies but for all who are lucky enough to spend time here. Whether you are a Servicemember, Veteran, family member, volunteer, business partner, or donor, we are lucky to call you part of the Stillwater family. If you aren't lucky enough to be a part of the Stillwater magic, you can change your luck with a simple email or call to set up a ranch tour.

Is this the year to discover how you fit into the Stillwater story?

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