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Memorial Day 2020

I’m alone today, Memorial Day, by choice…...

Memorial Day declares the beginning of summer. Pools open, boats go in the water, picnics and BBQ’s commence as the days get longer and warmer. Despite COVID, people can’t help but feel alive and hopeful on a day like today. Summer is here and must be celebrated accordingly! So, we gather, party, participate in myriad outdoor activities, as well we should. Hopefully, in the midst of enjoying our lives and freedom, we also take a few minutes to remember why this day is important beyond launching summer.

Since I am not allowed to fill the ranch with Veterans and their families due to the virus, I chose to spend the day putting around the ranch by myself away from distraction. I needed quiet time to ponder the reason we “celebrate” this day. Obviously Memorial Day is especially important to Stillwater Ranch given what we do and whom we serve; but, like Memorial Day, sometimes we get caught up in the busyness of what we do and forget to really soak in the realization of what our Veterans and Servicemembers have done for us – not only as a nation but for us as individuals. Today I bask in the knowledge of their sacrifices, overwhelmingly grateful, especially to those who paid the ultimate price. I pray I live a life worthy of the cost.

“Greater love has no one than this, that one would give up their life for another.” John 15:13

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