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With everything going on in Afghanistan and the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks right around the corner, now more than ever, our Veterans, Servicemembers, and their families need somewhere to call their own, somewhere that is safe, beautiful, healing. A place where they can meet up with other Veterans, or have some quiet time alone. A place where they can participate in a planned activity or some spontaneous fun with the family. That place is Stillwater Ranch. Stillwater Ranch stands unashamedly and unbendingly with our troops, Veterans, and their families now and forever. We are here for you!

We must join together as a community and as a nation to support our military and their families, past and present. We know people are feeling powerless, but you aren't! Through Stillwater Ranch, there are many ways you can get the message of support and hope across to our Veterans and it’s crucial we all do so immediately. First, tell every Veteran you know about Stillwater Ranch; they need to know this place exists just for them.

Second, check out the website at for real-time information as we continue to serve the additional needs of this community.

Finally, find a way to jump in and be a part of the Stillwater story.

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