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Serving Veterans & Their Families


Stillwater Ranch is a place for Veterans to connect with one another and with themselves.


We understand that after serving honorably there is a period of adjustment that we sometimes have difficulty coming to closure with. That is where Stillwater Ranch comes in. Our goal is to help you heal together with your family.

At Stillwater Ranch, we have come together to form a community of support around our Veterans and their families, with no expectations, no demands, and at no cost. The people, the horses, and the environment help Veterans find a place of connection and hope.

"Greater love has no one than this, that one would lay their life down for another."

-John 15:13

Getting Started:

If you are interested in getting started at Stillwater Ranch, we invite you to come out for a tour first. We'd love the chance to get to meet you and your family. 

To make the process quicker, you are welcome to download the following forms and bring them with you. 

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