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We are thrilled that Adams Bank & Trust has partnered with us as our first Stillwater Derby Sponsor for 2021! We've had some of the team out to the ranch and enjoyed getting to know them better. They are very interested in supporting Veterans through our work at the ranch. Welcome to the Stillwater Family!

"I support my brothers and sisters in arms who defend this amazing country we call home. Simple as that. Organizations like Stillwater Ranch give service members hope and the help they need. There's more good than bad in this world and Stillwater Ranch exemplifies that."  Ben - Adams Bank & Trust


"More service members need more support and recognition. Stillwater ensures they can be in a comfortable and accepting place with their peers. My brother is active duty and if I can help support a place where I know my brother can take advantage of, in order to help him with acclamation back with civilians, then I will support that all day long, every day."
Remi - Adams Bank & Trust

"As a nation, we are better when our Veterans are stronger, healthier, and happier."

We are a nonprofit ranch for Veterans, Servicemembers, and their families.  We provide ongoing programming around comradery, alternative therapies, family support, training and education.  Here are a few examples of our ever-expanding programs:

Comradery - Cigars and S'mores Campfires, Flag Retirement Ceremonies, Veteran time with horses, gatherings and meals, retreats, events on dates with military significance.

Family Support - Family adventure camps, deployment and reintegration support, family activities, couples therapy, parenting classes.

Alternative therapies - ground-based equine therapy, mediation with horses, gardening, outdoor activities, music and art therapies.

Training and education - K9 PT, welding, auto mechanics, mental health education, education for civilians around military competence.

Serving Veterans & Their Families
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