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Stillwater Ranch

Meet Our People

Executive Director

Wendy Buckley

Wendy and Riley.JPG

"I love creating an environment that is fun and healing, welcoming and safe. I also believe that the entire ranch experience is therapeutic from the interactions with animals, to comradery with other Veterans and their families, to playing and getting dirty while out in the fresh air."

Ranch Hand

John Buckley 

Ranch Manager.JPG

John Buckley is a co-founder and biggest fan of Stillwater Ranch.  


After his full-time job selling cars, he comes home to the ranch to fix everything that needs his attention. It's a never-ending need and often thankless, behind-the-scenes job. 


Without his loving support and endless energy, our ranch couldn't survive.  

Board of Directors

Stillwater Ranch is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors. These individuals work diligently to make sure our mission & vision are carried out to the individuals we serve. 

Thank you to our directors for their ongoing and continuous dedication to Stillwater Ranch. 

Aaron headshot.jpg

Cathy Burr - Board Chair​


My father and ex-husband both served with the Army and my son is an Army Reservist, so it is important to me that places like Stillwater Ranch exist to address the myriad needs of our Veterans, Servicemembers and their families - from dealing with the enormous complexities of PTSD to reintegration to simple comradery, Stillwater Ranch is a tremendous resource and I’m proud to be a part of helping our warriors with diverse programming to address their needs.

Jason Miller - Former Navy Seal Officer - Board Treasurer

As I continued to hear of more and more veteran friends and acquaintances committing suicide, I thought, "What am I doing to stop this?" Frankly, I got sick and tired of just standing on the sidelines. So, I looked around in my area and was excited to find such a worthy organization as Stillwater Ranch, which helps all veterans who are dealing with PTSD and other struggles, as well as any who just want to find a community of similarly-experienced friends. I couldn't be happier to have found this caring, passionate team and look forward to growing the reach so we can help more veterans fight their post-service battles.

Aaron Nelson - Board Secretary

The second I stepped foot on the ranch I felt something special. Yes the views were a part of it, but it was mainly feeling the sense of healing that goes on there. The mission is not simply talked about, it is acted upon. My reason for getting in involved is to keep the positive momentum going for those who need it most. I am forever grateful for those who served which is why we do what we do at the Ranch. I will be doing everything in my power to support those who need it most.

Chris D photo.jpg

Chris Dosenbach - Navy Seal/SWCC Combat Veteran

The military is very adept at taking civilians and honing them into the world’s finest Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. Unfortunately, the military is not adept at preparing those same individuals to return to civilian life. Constantly staying focused on the mission, too often, veteran’s physical and mental scars are not properly dealt with on active duty, ultimately impacting their lives and their loved ones after they have left the military. As a disabled veteran, I struggled after transitioning from the military in 2008. With the help of friends, family, and non-traditional therapies I was able to find peace. After watching too many of our teammates survive multiple combat tours, only to succumb to their inner demons after leaving the service, my next mission became focused on helping veterans and their families. At Stillwater Ranch, I found the perfect fit to reach veterans and help them find the camaraderie, purpose, and healing that they deserve.

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