Who We Are

Stillwater Ranch

Meet Our People

Staff Members:

Executive Director

Wendy Buckley

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Wendy starting working on the concept of Stillwater Ranch a decade before it came into being.  She loves creating an environment that is fun and healing, welcoming, and safe.  She believes the entire ranch experience is therapeutic from the interactions with animals to comradery with other Veterans and their families, to playing and getting dirty while out in the fresh air.

"I love creating an environment that is fun and healing, welcoming and safe. I also believe that the entire ranch experience is therapeutic from the interactions with animals, to comradery with other Veterans and their families, to playing and getting dirty while out in the fresh air."

Ranch Manager

John Buckley 

John Buckley is a co-founder and biggest fan of Stillwater Ranch.   After his full-time job selling cars, he comes home to the ranch to fix everything that needs his attention. It's a never-ending need and often thankless, behind-the-scenes job.  Without his loving support and endless energy, our ranch couldn't survive.  

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Board of Directors:

Stillwater Ranch is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors. These individuals work diligently to make sure our mission & vision are carried out to the individuals we serve. 

Thank you to our directors for their ongoing and continuous dedication to Stillwater Ranch. 

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Cathy Burr - Board Chair​


My father and ex-husband both served with the Army and my son is an Army Reservist, so it is important to me that places like Stillwater Ranch exist to address the myriad needs of our Veterans, Servicemembers and their families - from dealing with the enormous complexities of PTSD to reintegration to simple comradery, Stillwater Ranch is a tremendous resource and I’m proud to be a part of helping our warriors with diverse programming to address their needs.


Darren Koretko - Board VP, MSgt. USAF, Ret.

What can I say about Stillwater Ranch other than it is an amazing place that honors Veterans.  I thoroughly enjoy being on the Board of Directors as well as volunteering on committees and getting involved in any way I can.  It is an honor to work with fine people who have the same goals as I do for the Ranch.


Horses know!


Liz Stevens - Board Treasurer

It is heart breaking to see our current military make tremendous sacrifices daily, yet not receive adequate medical care or community support. Stillwater Ranch is working to change that, and it is a great privilege to be a part of it. In addition, Stillwater Ranch is dedicated to honoring and serving past heroes. As I grew up hearing stories from my father, a doctor in the 44th Medical Brigade, about the bravery of the young soldiers in Vietnam, this part of Stillwater's work is also very rewarding to me.

Chad Nixon - Director

It is an honor to be chosen to be a board member of Stillwater Ranch. I am eager to serve those who have served our country by providing support to them, their families, and our community through my resources and my passion to help others. By joining this board, I commit to being an ambassador of the Stillwater Ranch family and to help our community in need of this amazing non-profit organization. 

Chet Norris- Director

Dedicated Volunteers:

PARTIAL POSSE: Bryce Anderson, Sharon Brown, Bobbi Scheving


Sharon:  For me, being involved with Stillwater Ranch started as a way to spend time with long time friends after I moved to Colorado.  I grew up with horses, so naturally, that was an attraction.  As I learned more about the organization and the services provided to Veterans, I wanted to help in any way I could.  While working at a full-time job, that help was initially more financial than time.  Since I have retired I am now able to spend more time volunteering at events and helping to spread the word about this awesome organization.  I look forward to being more involved with Stillwater and doing whatever I can to assist in bringing our goals of expansion to fruition.


Bobbi:  Once retired, I found that I was somewhat lost and looking for something that added meaning to my life.  During this time I became friends with a lady who's an ambassador for Stillwater Ranch and has been for several years.  She asked me if I would be interested in participating in one of their outreach events.  During this event, I knew that I'd found what I was looking for.  It combined two things I feel strongly about:  animals and giving back to the individuals who risk everything so that we can be safe and free.