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Vets are Scary?

Over the years, I’ve been asked several times if I’m ever afraid or nervous being around Veterans. My first thought is always, “obviously you don’t hang out with Veterans very often if you can ask a question like that”. Out loud I respond, “no, and here’s why”. I then proceed to tell them a story or two about interactions between Veterans and my grandsons who are incredibly blessed to be raised around these selfless, caring, incredible patriots.

Like that one time my grandson played Army with a real-life Army man. Or that time a Veteran heard my grandson was sick and left a Lego set in the barn for him. Or when a group of Vets included my grandson in hours of ladder golf. And then there’s the time around the campfire when a Vet helped my grandson make a S’more. And on and on……..

Need I say more?

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