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We appreciate!

May is National Military Appreciation Month. While this is a great start, we believe every month and every day should be about appreciating, honoring, and supporting our Veterans. This is why Stillwater Ranch exists! But it's not up to just us and organizations like ours. We ALL owe much to the members of our military - past, present, and future - to those who sacrifice tremendously to serve our country, to the benefit of every American.

We ask that you find ways to appreciate, honor, and support our Veterans, Active Duty military AND their families not only this month but regularly throughout the year. If you aren't already involved with a Veteran organization, please consider getting involved with Stillwater Ranch. People often ask how, so here are a few suggestions:

  • Find out if your company matches employee donations

  • Make Stillwater Ranch your nonprofit of choice on SmileAmazon

  • Introduce your company to Stillwater Ranch

  • Sponsor one of our upcoming events

  • Become an ambassador for Stillwater Ranch

  • Donate items or experiences for upcoming auctions

There are LOTS of ways to be a part of the huge growth and excitement at SR. These are just a few ideas, but we are always open to new ones. Just reach out, come for a tour, and let's talk!

Is this the year to discover how you fit into the Stillwater story?

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